Rates for basic web design – excludes eCommerce websites

Your website will be set up in WordPress format. It is an extremely user-friendly system to self-maintain, update and change once the initial setup is completed.

This system is “responsive” which means that it manipulates the website in such a way that it can be viewed on many different devices for example laptops, tablets, cellphones and naturally your computer screen.

We do recommend that every website has a section for “About us”, “Contact us”and “Terms and conditions” whether it be a page or a section of a page for each. The “Home” page is an essential page for any website

Please provide your Webitt developer with the following:

  • All of the content you would like on your website – be it text, images, quotations, charts, logo, etc.
  • Social Media Links – links to your existing social media pages that you would like to link to your website for example Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
  • New email address/es required – this email address will provide peace-of-mind to potential customers that they are contacting the correct business. Email addresses could begin with a general term or an employee name for example sales@yourwebsite.co.za or candice@yourwebsite.co.za
  • Contact details and address to be displayed on the website
  • Contact details of the person that will receive the login details, passwords and website setup information
  • A detailed description of the website you envision. You are welcome to include the links to other websites that are similar to what you have in mind.

Additional costs:

These are available services that are not included in your set up fee.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – by applying SEO you will have an increased amount of traffic (quantity and quality) to your website. The website will gain a higher ranking and be displayed higher up on the Google search page – increasing your visibility. Which in turn drives more potential customers in your direction.
  • Additional pages after initial set-up – once your website has been designed and published we do give the option of adding more pages. Each page will incur a fee of R350. * Please note that pages will not be “owed” to you – ie. if you decide to go with the 5 page option but only have 4 pages you want created. That 5th page can not be created at a later stage with no additional fees.
  • Maintenance – will be charge at R500 per hour (billed at a minimum of 30 minutes per session). You are welcome to self-maintain your website but if you do not have the time or it is more convenient to have a developer to do we are happy to assist.
    • It is essential to keep:
      • your business details current (numbers, address, trading hours, etc.)
      • update back-end website functions
      • update terms and conditions
      • change wording on pages
      • add buttons, instructions, functions
      • update, add or delete photos, posts or sections of text